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What are varicose veins Treatment Hyderabad?

Varicose veins, also known as varicose veins or varicose veins, occur when your veins are dilated, dilated and overflowing with blood. Varicose veins usually appear swollen and sublimated and have a purplish golden color. They are often painful. The disease is very common in women. About 25% of adults have varicose veins. In most cases, varicose veins on the lower legs. There are several options, including home remedies. In severe cases, varicose veins can rupture or develop into sebaceous ulcers on the skin. These must be treated.

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Quick Facts About Varicose Veins Or Spider Vein Treatment

→ Pregnant women are more prone to varicose veins.
→ The symptoms may be painful legs, swollen ankles, and spider veins.
→ Overweight people have an increased risk of varicose veins.

How are varicose veins developed Hospital?

How to cause varicose veins Arteries to carry blood from your heart to the rest of your tissues. The veins send blood from the rest of your body to your heart so that the blood can be returned. To return to your heart, the veins of your heritage must act against gravity. Muscle contractions in the lower limbs act as pumps and the elastic vein walls help the blood to return to your heart. Tiny shreds in your veins open to let the blood circulate in your heart, then close to stop the return of blood.

Symptoms of varicose veins Treatment
Symptoms of Varicose Veins Varices can not cause pain. Signs that you may have with varicose veins include:

Dark Purple or Blue Veins
Veins that look twisted and curved: often like ropes on the legs

If painful signs and symptoms appear, they may include:

A feeling of pain or heaviness in your legs. Burns, blows, muscle cramps and swelling in the lower part of your legs
Aggravated pain after prolonged sitting or standing

Itching around one or more of your veins
Bleeding varicose veins
A painful vein cord with red discoloration of the skin
Color changes, hardening of the veins, inflammation of the skin or skin ulcers near the ankle, which may indicate a serious medical condition to be treated by a doctor. The spider veins are closer to the surface of the skin and are often red or blue. They occur on the legs, but can also be found on the face. Spider veins vary in size and often resemble a spider web.
In our varicose veins clinic, we will use endo-venous laser therapy (EVLT). EVLT is an advanced minimally invasive laser technology to treat the main cause of varicose veins.

Discover how our treatment of varicose veins can help you:
1.Very safe and simple procedure, minimally invasive
2.Daycare – maximum one hour (entrance and exit)
3.High success rate and fast recovery
4.No or short stay in the hospital
5.No general anesthesia
6.Safe for the elderly or surgically maladjusted.

Advanced Technology

We offer state-of-the-art technologies such as the laser treatment of varicose veins.

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Varicose Veins Symptoms

In most cases, there will be no pain, and symptoms of varicose veins may be:

Veins look twisted, swollen and lumpy (bulging)
The veins are blue or dark purple
Some patients may also experience:
Aching legs
The legs feel heavy, especially after exercise or at night
A slight injury to the affected area
Lipodermatosclerosis – Fat under the skin just above the ankle can harden and shrink the skin
Swollen ankles
Telangiectasia in the affected leg (spider veins)
In the vicinity of the varicose veins, there may be a shiny discoloration of the skin, which is usually brownish or blue
Venous eczema (congestive dermatitis) – The skin in the affected area is red, dry and itchy
When you get up abruptly, some people experience leg cramps
A high percentage of people with varicose veins also have Restless Legs Syndrome
Atrophy Blanche – Irregular, whitish patches that look like scars appear on the ankles